Fun with world history

Many of us have a lot of interest but do not really care about world history. Instead of wasting your time in not so important things or sitting down inside your garage doors in Florida doing nothing, why don’t you devote some time to reading historical books?  

The Archipelago welcomes you here. Whatever your interest in history may be, this website is sure to be suitable for you as we will always have something for you here. Even if you haven’t read a world historical text book since school, you will find many interesting stories here based on real facts. Downloading free and reading history books is a way to get started by spending just a little bit of your time. Start exploring the past at The Archipelago today.  

Our History books cover a wide range of topics that tell factual accounts of the time they cover. Our authors try to pull together facts and evidence that are available about world histories and make informed hypothesis about certain gaps in it. 

You cannot completely understand the current world events without understanding the history of the past century. The topics you will find in this website will take you on a journey from the earliest civilizations, to the end of imperialism, through world wars and bring us to our modern world that have bound peoples and nations together and then torn them apart.  

Here you can find history books containing so many amazing facts. Download or read online our collection of World History books containing various topics for free. While browsing through our website, you will discover interesting and exciting history books. A popular area of study and interest reading available in this website is about kings, queens and conquerors in Europe and the ancient civilizations. Read stories of a well-known conqueror who took the throne after a famous battle or invasion or the stories of the King who was known as the lion-heart and learn the story of how he lived up to that name in his pursuit of glory. 

A fascinating monarch to read about is Queen Elizabeth the First. She was the daughter of Henry the Eighth and ruled for 44 years during an interesting period of history. She is well-known for being on the throne when England defeated the Spanish Armada. It was also a period when English drama and playwrights flourished with now famous works such as that of Shakespeare, amongst others.  

One of the popular topics of world history books are stories of wars and battles. Sometimes, stories are directly about military battles but here will you get the history of people and their personal stories of survival as well. On The Archipelago, you will find a book that tells the tale of a Jewish family escaping Nazi Germany and surviving the war despite massive odds. 

Students are you having a hard time in your history lessons? Check out our website to gain a lot of information.