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Have been using The Archipelago for a couple of months and it is great. I get email notifications daily informing me of free e-books. Easy to sign up and so worth it. 

Nancy, NY— 


I have used The Archipelago for quite a while and I love it! I get a new email daily offering free books. The books are really good and interesting, too. My children love reading history books, they have learned a lot from it. Just choose what kind of history you want and read away. 

Cynthia, OH— 


Free history books are a great way to discover authors and topics without committing a large amount of money to the process. I have found a bunch of authors this way and I’m delighted reading their books. 

Jeanine, CA— 


You don’t know how grateful I am for your free history books. I’m a retired teacher on a very limited budget, and live 50 miles from the nearest library. With the price of gas and just keeping our heads above water, books, as much as I love them are on the bottom of my monthly budget. With my beloved The Archipelago and your many free history books, you have given me what I love most in life. The chance to read, and read, and read. From the bottom of my heart…THANK YOU! 

Megan, LA—